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Milos is the island the Greeks didn’t want you to know about! Until recently this idyllic destination was a well-kept secret, with more than 70 beaches, including the stunning moon-like landscapes of Sarakiniko.

Today, with a new line-up of sensational restaurants and waterside bars, it’s the hottest place to be. And there’s no better way to discover Milos than on a Navigatus boat tour – from days spent cruising from unspoilt beach to unspoilt beach, to exploring where the famous Venus de Milo in the Louvre was discovered, to a full day of island-hopping on your own charter trip, we’re happy to share the secrets of Milos with you.

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New Fleet - Crew - Safety

When deciding on your next aquatic adventure, the choice is clear – choose us for an unparalleled experience on the water. Our fleet consists of brand-new boats, ensuring not only a smooth and comfortable ride but also the highest standards of safety and modern marine technology. exploring caves or having a siesta in the shade.

From Adamantas

Discover our daily tours departing from Adamanta and explore the best sights and experiences that Milos Island has to offer.

Full & Half Day Tours from Adamanta

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From 1.200€ / Per Day - UP TO 9 PEOPLE

Around of Milos / Full Day

Discover the wonders of Milos on an unforgettable full-day tour that covers all the must-see stops.Ανώνυμο-σχέδιο-1.png
From 1.100€ / Per Day - UP TO 9 PEOPLE

Three Islands / Full Day

Our tour will begin from the picturesque town of Adamas, located on the northeast coast of Milos Island.Ανώνυμο-σχέδιο-2.png
From 880€ / Half Day - UP TO 9 PEOPLE

South Bays / Half Day

Starting from Adamantas, we will head towards the picturesque fishing village of Klima, known for its colorful fishing houses built right on the water.Ανώνυμο-σχέδιο-3.png
From 880€ / Half Day - UP TO 9 PEOPLE

Three Islands / Half Day

Embark on a private boat tour from Adamantas and discover the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea. Your journey will take you to three stunning locations: Poliaigos, Kimolos, and Sarakiniko.

From Pollonia

Discover our daily tours departing from Pollonia and explore the best sights and experiences with Rib Rides.

Full & Half Day Tours from Pollonia

Choose Rib Boat for this excursion - Up to 9 people

South Bays / Full Day


South Bays Full Day Private Tour is designed to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience of Milos’ breathtaking natural beauty. Starting from Pollonia, we will take you on a journey through some of the island’s most stunning and secluded spots.


Super Experience

My friend and I did a 4 hour private boat trip in Milos. I’ve been on many boat trips in the past, but this boat trip was by far the best I have ever been on! Our friendly boat captain, Drakoulis, was very experienced and professional and he went the extra mile to make our trip perfect. The boat was brand new and exceeded our expectations, it was super clean, great music and it was packed full of drinks and food. Drakoulis thought of all the fine details like putting our phones in dry bags when we wanted to swim with them, to take photos inside a cave. He also took so much care and effort when we asked for group photos! There were even swimming jet toys that could be used for exploring during swimming breaks. As for the coast line, no words or pictures could do justice to the natural beauty of Milos – it really left us speechless!I will definitely do this boat trip again when I am next in Milos. I cannot recommend it enough!

Robin Clark

United Kingdom

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